$ 2191.00

Extended Warranty: +$179.00
Premium Labor: +$150.00


  • Every transmission comes with a remanufactured and enhanced torque converter.
  • To prevent front seal leaks, vibration, and early bushing wear, all torque converters undergo testing for leaks, lock-up functionality, concentricity, and balance.
  • Independently tested, each fully remanufactured valve body includes a comprehensive system correction and recalibration kit.
  • Valves susceptible to wear are meticulously restored to exact specifications and vacuum tested to ensure they function correctly.
  • Each remanufactured transmission undergoes thorough testing under hot, cold, load conditions, and simulated road tests using our advanced CARS (Computer-Aided Road Simulation) dynamometer program.


– Enhanced durability and performance are achieved through six-plate direct clutch and four-plate intermediate clutch packs, now standard across all models.
– Precision in pressure control is ensured with the installation of a new EPC solenoid.
– Delayed engagement, shudder, and soft shifting are countered with the introduction of a new boost valve kit, pressure regulator valve, bypass converter clutch sleeve, and plunger.
– An upgraded spiral lock snap ring and staked retainer for the intermediate clutch rectify an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design shortcoming, preventing early failure.
– The implementation of updated 1-2 and 2-3 accumulator pistons guards against harsh shifting and early clutch wear.
– A new overdrive servo pin sleeve, applied during our specialized servo modification process using custom-designed tooling and bushings, ensures improved performance.
– A thoroughly remanufactured pump featuring new line bore bushings eradicates leaks while enhancing flow and durability.
– The fully remanufactured torque converter, subjected to extensive testing for leaks, lockup, concentricity, and balance, incorporates upgrades that surpass OEM standards, addressing issues such as front seal leaks, premature bushing wear, and vibration.
– Models from 2001 onwards are equipped with a new 3-4 capacity valve sleeve and an extra-thick zinc-coated Super Tough Plate to prevent plate cracking and cross leaks, issues commonly stemming from the 2-3 accumulator piston spring retainer’s repeated stress.
– Specialized packages for police, towing, and performance use feature an eight-plate direct clutch pack, further valve body enhancements, a higher pressure regulator valve, and additional improvements to boost durability and capacity for heavy loads.
– The introduction of new custom-spec bushings refines internal fluid flow control and pressure maintenance.
– Each transmission undergoes rigorous cold and hot testing with a proprietary dynamometer testing program, incorporating fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid and a sophisticated filtration system to ensure peak performance and reliability.

Explore the Ford 4R75E Transmission: Excellence in Performance and Reliability | Buap Engines & Transmissions

Buap Engines & Transmissions is proud to offer the Ford 4R75E transmission, a marvel of automotive engineering. This four-speed automatic transmission, developed by Ford, is celebrated for its outstanding reliability, control, and efficiency. It is perfectly suited for a diverse range of vehicles, from dynamic sports cars to dependable utility trucks, the 4R75E is designed to significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance and driving pleasure.

Key Features of the Ford 4R75E Transmission

  • Advanced Four-Speed Configuration: The Ford 4R75E transmission features a sophisticated four-speed setup, offering ideal gear ratios for various driving demands. This advanced configuration ensures excellent torque distribution and fuel economy, along with smooth transition between gears.

  • Refined Shift Control: Equipped with a state-of-the-art control system, the 4R75E precisely tailors its shifting patterns to match the current driving conditions, providing a custom and exceptionally smooth driving experience.

  • Designed for Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of both everyday driving and specialized applications such as towing and heavy-duty hauling, the 4R75E transmission is made for enduring performance and steadfast reliability across different scenarios.

Our Commitment to Quality at Buap Engines & Transmissions

Excellence is the hallmark of Buap Engines & Transmissions. Each Ford 4R75E transmission is subject to an exhaustive remanufacturing process, ensuring it meets and exceeds original factory standards. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship means every transmission offers enduring performance and reliability.

Why Select the Ford 4R75E from Buap Engines & Transmissions?

  • Precision Remanufacturing: Through meticulous engineering and the selection of premium materials, our remanufactured Ford 4R75E transmissions are synonymous with unparalleled durability and enhanced performance.

  • Robust Warranty Support: Our confidence in the Ford 4R75E transmissions is solidified with comprehensive warranty coverage, emphasizing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of specialists is committed to offering you personalized assistance, ensuring you find the perfect transmission for your vehicle that promises seamless compatibility and improved performance.

Elevate Your Driving Experience with the Ford 4R75E Transmission

Choosing the Ford 4R75E transmission from Buap Engines & Transmissions signals a decision for unmatched efficiency, power, and dependability. Discover our offering today and embark on the journey to transform your driving experience.


  • W400-7L3ZCB
  • W400-7L3ZCB-ETE
  • 7L3P-CA
  • 7L3P-CB
  • 7L3P-EA
  • 7L3P-EB
  • 7L3Z-H
  • 7L3Z-K


  • Bell Housing Included: Yes
  • Tail Housing: With
  • Cooler Included: No
  • Radiator Replacement Required: No
  • Pan Bolts: 14
  • Transmission Fluid: 14
  • Connector Type: Black
  • Cooler Replacement Required: No
  • Sensor Type: With Turbine Speed Sensor and Output Speed Sensor in Case
  • Radiator Included: No
  • Extension Housing: 4WD
  • Lockup: Yes
  • Transmission Speeds: 4-Speed
  • Average R&R: 6.6
  • Starter: 3 Bolt Starter Pocket
  • Torque Converter Included: Yes
  • Shift Type: Bolt-On Shift Lever
  • Fluid Type: PZL-HIGHMG
  • Transmission Family: 4R75E



The Ford 4R75E transmission was used in several Ford vehicles between the years 2004 and 2014. Some of the models that utilized the 4R75E transmission during this time period include:

  • Ford F-150: 2004-2014
  • Ford Expedition: 2005-2014
  • Ford E-Series (Econoline) van: 2004-2014
  • Lincoln Navigator: 2006-2014
  • Ford Explorer: 2006-2010
  • Mercury Mountaineer: 2006-2010
  • Ford Mustang: 2005-2010 (specifically, the
  • Mustang GT with the 4.6L V8 engine)
  • Ford Crown Victoria: 2004-2011
  • Mercury Grand Marquis: 2004-2011

It’s important to note that transmission usage may vary depending on the specific trim level, engine option, and production date of the vehicle. Therefore, it’s always recommended to refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact a Ford dealership or trusted mechanic for accurate and up-to-date information on transmission compatibility.